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What's the secret sauce to a killer pitch that is so obvious and yet missed by most  entrepreneurs today?

Uncover the secret that could unlock your confidence and grow your business...

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Straight To The Top - Sarah Archer

There's A Reason People Are Getting Sales With This Book...


Clarify what and who your target market is and what will make them buy.


Get the edge on the competition & how to position your offer for success.


Use proven frameworks to create killer elevator & investor pitches. 

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Straight To The Top Review
Straight To The Top Review
Straight To The Top Review
Straight To The Top Review

These Are Just A Few Of The Things You'll
Get When This Shows Up For FREE...


  • CHAPTER 1: 

    How to find the right customer and make them thirsty.

  • CHAPTER 2: 

    How to gain the edge on the competition.

  • CHAPTER 3: 

    How to position what you offer for success. 

  • CHAPTER 4: 

    Discover the ICE CUBE & HOT MOOSE frameworks that will guide you step by step to creating your killer elevator and investor pitches.

  • CHAPTER 5: 

    Pitch Case Studies to accelerate your success

  • CHAPTER 6: 

    Tips for increasing your delivery confidence

  • CHAPTER 7: 

    Networking and Relationships tips to secure that deal.

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    e-cover STTT



    With extra hints and tips, plus space to keep the exercises and your thoughts together, so that you stay focused and don't just read the book, without taking action and getting results. ($20 value) 


    Over 40 pitches from different markets, including financial, software, charity, property, and many more and including personal, MLM, podcast/influencer pitches! ($97 Value)


    Extra examples and teaching from Sarah showing you how to apply the framework and how to prepare to deliver your pitch, so that you know exactly what to do and the learning sticks. ($97 Value)

  • THE 'NO TIME TO READ BOOKS' AUDIO BOOK: Read by Sarah this audio book will mean that you don't have to miss out...you can get the gold while you're walking the dog, at the gym, commuting. (Not available anywhere else) ($37 Value)

Who am I? 

I’m on a mission to show business owners and aspiring change makers how to develop the story assets they need to become authentic thought leaders. This is so that they can have more impact, income and freedom doing what lights them up – without feeling overwhelmed or losing their personality!

I’m Sarah Archer, Speaking and Marketing Coach, Writer, Performer, ex-HR Director, and host of The Speaking Club Podcast, (which is now in over 180 countries). 

This mix means I'm uniquely qualified to teach you how to create content that makes your audience stop, engage and fall in love with your message.

I’m blessed to have been part of the journey of a number of authors, experts and entrepreneurs, who are now well on the way to becoming international thought leaders in their niche.

I'd love to help you too, and I hope you get a lot out of Straight To the Top!

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Sarah Archer

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